Why Gluten Free

It all started in summer of 2006. We had been trying (as in the biblical sense) for a little one for over a year, our only success (if you can call it that) being a Clomid induced pregnancy in November of 2005 that resulted in a miscarriage and D and C at twelve weeks in January of ’07 that kicked off our cross country skiing trip to W. VA. But I digress. Yes, I did embark on a grueling two day cross country trek UP A MOUNTAIN one day after having a D and C and bleeding more than I did when my son was born. No, I do not recommend it unless you are really desperate to keep your mind off your sorrows, and no, when I left for W. VA. I was not informed that cross country skiing involved crawling on two poles strapped to your toes up a mountain with negligible amounts of snow. But that is another story.

In the summer of 2006 we were again trying to get knocked up. Or I suppose I was trying to get my husband to knock me up. We wanted some offspring– that “gift from the Lord” as Psalm 113 puts it. We had been trying as listed above– with little success. The previous blighted ovum/baby being joined by two unsuccessful Clomid cycles in April and May– I needed some time off from meds and cycles. Our plan was to take a few months off and then start again in early summer/fall.

All along, my philosophy about having a baby had been- I don’t want to wonder– what if? So, I decided to do some research on alternative treatments to infertility as well as my digestive problems. In addition, I stopped running, limiting exercise to about 3 times a week. I also quit my stressful job teaching and took a much less stressful part time job– like 12 hours a week– tutoring. I just wanted to eliminate anything that ‘might’ have something to do with the infertility.

Our fertility woes consisted of unexplained anovulation and ammenorrhea with some mild male factor. After reading The Infertility Cure, I decided to find a TCM (traditional chinese medicine) doctor as well as a nutritionist. The nutritionist recommended doing a cleanse to start out, and part of that was going gluten free. My digestive issues didn’t clear up so we kept up with the gluten free– for three months– much longer than anticipated. My diet became steadily more restricted as we tried to find the source of the problem– no dairy, no sugar, no red wine, no corn, no citrus, no pork. Finally we hit on a solution that involved something called Herb-bulk.

During those three months, I was also receiving accupuncture once a week, taking gross herbs that I boiled into a witches brew and drank twice a day, and having a weekly belly massage called Chi Net Song. I was also avoiding ‘cold’ foods, soaking my feet in hot water, doing Yoga for fertility, in short everything alternative I could that was reasonable and didn’t involve excessive time or expense. I also decided to go to therapy about some sexual abuse I had experienced as a young child– I guess I just used the infertility as a means to pursue personal healing on many levels. Around the beginning of October when I was feeling very content where I was, no longer aching every day for a child, or feeling sad and broken, but feeling whole and complete just how I was, we conceived our son Jack who right now is playing with our phone and making little grunting noises and playing with the snaps on his diaper. I suppose this is quite a long post to explain why I am still gluten free but there it is.


2 responses to “Why Gluten Free

  1. Wow. I don’t think I know you’re whole story and I’ve known you all my life. Well, I’m just so thankful that Jack is here and that you seem to be doing fine. Love you!

  2. I echo Jules…this post is awesome…and leaving me desirous of a nice long person to person chat. Perhaps when you come in August! Praise the Lord for precious Jack! Love you all!

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