Them Chiggers

We live in Church Hill. You can learn more about Church Hill Here. (when I figure out how to do links) I do love our community– most of the time. At least, when I’m not witnessing drive-by shootings, or seeing our dead neighbor’s stuff piled up on his lawn. Apart from the violence, we also have some unique neighbors. One of them I discovered on a Sunday afternoon walk. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for yard work. Except he wasn’t doing yard work, at least in the traditional way. He was carpeting his entire front lawn with a swath of green and white carpet. He had his praise music going, almost hopping around in his overalls, feeling pretty kicky about his work. I stopped my walk and just had to ask him– “What’s with the carpet?” He said– “I just hate them chiggers. I hate mowing my lawn.” And that was that. I turned away and thought. You don’t like mowing your lawn, so you spend HOURS and lots of MONEY putting plywood on your lawn and then covering that with carpet. Why not just pave the whole thing? I also must add that this was his second carpet job, the first being five years earlier. I guess everyone gets their lawn, and they get– at least in this neighborhood– to do with it what they like. P.S. I saw him the other day and there he was, raking his front lawn –er carpet.

Carpet Lawn in Church Hill


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