Good Read

Jack’s godfather came over for dinner last night. He is an amazing, sensitive, kind, outspoken man that we hope will encourage Jack to love God as much as he does. He is around 45, single, and has a unique life story. His movie star good looks and flair for clothes make him quite a dashing figure.

Jack is currently terrified of him– if he even looks in his direction, Jack bursts into tears. At first it was very hard for Stephen but he has learned to appreciate little smiles. I have learned to appreciate Stephen’s view of the world and interests.

He brought over a book that he said has meant alot to him called The Shack. I read it almost all of it last night and today during Jack’s naps. It is a great book. About the Trinity. I found it to be refreshing, audacious (can I borrow what has become Obama’s word?), and interesting. An easy read that makes you think, if that is possible. A compelling story that forced me to consider how I view God, and where that view came from. Judging from the combination of glowing and charges of heresy from the Amazon reviews, I would be interested to know if anyone else has an opinion. My husband is currently reading it, and I would like to post a more detailed review, but I’ll leave it at this for now.


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