Decorating HELP — I still need it!

Okay people, I need some help. This is our home. Mia our cat is posing for you on the sidewalk. We are planning to paint the trim on our house. It is currently a shade of burgundy that I detest. The white siding is staying the same as is the gray porch. The metal storm windows that neither keep cold air out nor help with the look of the house are going as well. Any ideas on what color to paint the trim/door? Should we paint the railings of the porch a color too– at least the top of the railing. I was thinking a dark gray but wanted ideas, inspiration, etc. Thanks in advance for your fabulous advice.

Edited to add- I had one vote for forest green– any more thoughts?


6 responses to “Decorating HELP — I still need it!

  1. The first color that comes to mind is dark green. I don’t know why… but you probably shouldn’t take my advice b/c I am horrible at decorating. I’m sure Joy will be full of helpful ideas for you. She gave me great advice when we painted our kitchen/dining/breezeway this past winter.

  2. That is not my website, it is my blog. the site is under construction. I own Stabler-Peale Interiors in Western Pa. I would be happy to give you more color advice. Go to my blog and take my “style” quiz.
    I have very little set up online so you will need to copy the quiz into an email and send to me.
    I have been in the decorating business for 20 years and most recently did freelance work for a number of clients and on behalf of others. I began my company in Jan. 2008, hence the limited online presence.
    I am not looking for compensation for my advice. I simply hope that if you go along with my suggestions I can use a pic or two.

  3. P.S. Do you have any more photos that are better lit?

  4. Well you know me – I always have an opinion – and if you all could see my flat you would quickly ignore it on the decorating front!

    Have you thought about doing the window trim in the same color or same color family (perhaps a shade darker) as the grey on the porch. I think it would look really nice and pull together the roof and the porch. You could then use a different color for the front door which, with nice lighting either above it or on the sides, would make the front door pop out as the focal point. Perhaps use a deep eggplant (careful though – not black or purple), green (not forrest, but not bright), or Red (but not apple or burgandy). Colors you might not want all over your house, but enjoy on the door alone.

    This seems to be all the rage here in London. There are a ton of streets wtih row houses that are all white. They will all have white or gray porches, black wraught ironworks, and then all different color doors. If you don’t have to make a decision before your trip, perhaps you could find some inspiration from one of these many streets.

    I’m not positive I love this idea – but if it were my house I’d at least think about it.

  5. My thought was to paint the door a bright green (like an avacado color) and the trim/top of porch grey. I’m a big fan of bright doors, but I know it might not be everyone’s taste.

  6. Hello my favorite niece Catherine! I think I like the trim and door color of green like we had at the Inn in Vermont. We kept the railings white. I also like Joy’s ideas. What is a color that will make you happy when you see it as you come and go from your house?

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