I’m Back

Thanks to everyone who posted/emailed/called about the house color. I am still deciding about the color– I really don’t want this blog to be about my house color and decorating options– but I do appreciate your input and will let you know when we decide what color–

We had a great time at Sea Island. It was wonderful to visit with family, relax, do yoga, have someone else dote over and love on Jack. Because we don’t live near family every minute spent with them is precious. Jack’s favorite thing besides seeing Honey, Papa McCormick, and his Auntie Faith was crawling into the pool at the Beach Club. Lest you think I allowed my precious bumpkin to crawl headfirst into the pool– let me assure you–the slope of the pool allowed him to crawl in as far and he wanted– and he did– all the way– past his head– we really had to watch him. A bonus of the week is that he now loves the water– before this he was a little unsure of anything liquid.

While I really enjoyed my time at Sea Island– I couldn’t help feeling like I was in a dreamworld. Here where we live in Richmond, many houses go unpainted, trash is ubiquitous, and landscaping often nonexistent. To go from that to Sea Island, which is filled with second homes that are spotless, perfectly maintained in every way– from the manicured grounds to pools to antiques.

I really don’t know where I am going with this. Just to say that it is hard to vacillate between a place of incredible wealth and one where many people are having trouble finding work, much less a second home.

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