Jack Update

Jack’s favorite activity besides breastfeeding has most recently been climbing stairs. Which is why as I am typing this he is moaning “Nay, Nay, Nay” in his Johnny jump up. I tried unsuccessfully to put up the baby gate I bought a few months ago, finding it to be of shoddy construction and about a foot too short. In order too get anything done until said gate is put up he must either be in his Johnny Jump up or I am following him up the stairs.

Whenever he remembers that the stairs are there, he shoots off into his rocket crawl mode, find the first stair, pulls himself up, looks back at me as if to say “aren’t you proud of me Mom?”, bangs on the next stair, and on and on and on, until we have reached the top.

Other favorite activities include banging on my laptop, reading books upside down, flinging with abandon any and all papers, phones, books, pens, knives, that may have been inadvertently left on the table onto the floor.

Oh and also screeching at the cat, eating cat food, taste testing quarters from Mom’s wallet (fortunately he spit them out and left them on the floor), eating invitations.

He loves being around other babies or toddlers or generally anyone under 5 feet tall, smiling at them and trying to make eye contact. When we are at home just the two of us he is constantly grunting, panting, saying “Ah, Eh, Ma-Ma, Nay Nay, Uh” and the current favorite a grunt that means– “I don’t like what you are doing– and if you don’t stop I will flail my arms and scream”

All that said- he is a delight and I am loving most of every minute– gotta go– he has found some chapstick and has decided it looks yummy.


One response to “Jack Update

  1. cant wait to see your little adventurer again! i’d love to see him encourage more smiles out of thea…

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