Birthday Party Report

We used Jack’s Birthday as an excuse to have a party. A grown up party. So we invited our friends, some of whom happened to have kids, had a grown up menu, and watched Jack eat a morsel of cake. Considering that Jack doesn’t love huge adoring crowds of people, he did pretty well. I made the delicious Lamb Burgers from a previous post and added hot and spicy baked beans, lemon and herb potato salad, and a peach and arugula salad, and heirloom tomatoes all from Epicurious (a great site for finding recipes– I love all the reviews– they are so helpful. Here are some pictures of the party. And here is a video of the “Happy Birthday” moment, when he burst into tears. Everyone, including Jack, mostly had a good time, and the food was yummy. I decided to buy cupcakes from Ukrop’s instead of a cake because there was less mess and it is easier to feed a crowd cupcakes– no need for forks, plates, etc.

Jacks Birthday Balloons

Jack's Birthday Balloons

3 responses to “Birthday Party Report

  1. It looks like such a wonderful time. I love how the cake is ALL.OVER.HIM. He’s so precious!! I’m so sorry we missed it. For some reason, Thea has been totally melting down whenever she is awake, just really, really fussy this week. I need to look in my books and see if there’s some developmental thing that might be going on. Maybe we can get together next week?

  2. Looks like fun! Your hair is SO long- I’ve never seen it that long before. Pregnancy must have done something to it!

  3. What a Cute outfit my favorite great nephew is wearing!!

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