Potty Time

When I was pregnant with Jack I did alot of reading about parenting, cloth diapering, nursing, birth, parenting, schedules, etc. I read about Elimination Communication (EC) where you provide opportunities for your baby to “go” in places other than the diaper. I tried doing it at about six months and had limited success. He  would pee sometimes when I offered by putting him over the sink or potty and making a shhh shh sound and then other times he wouldn’t.  The people doing it talk like babies signal when they need to pee and I could never figure out his signals.  I also bought a potty which he hated.  He screamed every time he got near it.  Then I checked out an early potty training book at the library and also re-read The Baby Whisperer because we were feeling the need to do something about his frequent wake ups. Both of those books recommended putting the baby on the potty when they first wake up, after meals and any feedings.  I also bought a new potty which he LOVES. I think he didn’t feel safe on the old one because it was so high. With the new Baby Bjorn potty his legs rest on the ground and he is in more of a proper position, if you know what I mean.    When I first got the potty, I just put it in the living room along with his regular toys so he would be used to it. I just let him play with it.  And then I started putting him on it, in the living room and reading him books, bringing him toys, etc.   He hasn’t yet just peed, but that is okay. It has been great because now almost every time I put him on it–at the prescribed times, he has a BM and pees. I go crazy when he does–clapping and praising him and then we put it in the toilet and flush it.  He seems to love watching the toilet flush.  I have been surprised at how smoothly this has gone. I am also trying to sign the word for potty when he goes and hopefully eventually he will start to sign it too.  Here is a pic of my little man on his throne looking very proud of himself!

Jack on the potty

Jack on the potty

Here is a link to a NY Times article about diaper free babies.


One response to “Potty Time

  1. I love this picture! 🙂 SO glad the pottying is going better. I think I’m learning Thea’s cues to poo, but with peeing, I have NO idea. Looking forward to hearing more about this. Can’t wait to see you guys…

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