One Year Checkup

Along with the festivities of turning one, it also includes the obligatory doctor’s visit.  Jack had his last week and was pronounced in excellent health.


Weight: 19 Lb. 13 oz.  (10th Percentile)

Height: 28 1/4 ”  (also 10th Percentile)

Notice a trend?  Here’s where things get funny

Head Circumfrence: (90th Percentile!)

Shots: 1 for MMR (we decided to do  the rest of them later)

Finger Pricks: 2 (for lead and iron, Haven’t gotten results back)

When we went in the Phlebotomy room for drawing blood Jack started crying immediately.  And that was so much worse that the teeny shot he got later.  They have to squeeze the blood out of his little finger– he was so sad– and looking at me with unbelieving eyes “I can’t believe you letting them do  this to me, Mommy” Note his crayon bandaid from the shot.

Jack One Year

Jack One Year

After seeing his crayon bandaid, I was inspired and decided to break out the crayons that his friend Silas gave him for his birthday.  It seems like the only thing he wants to do is EAT them.  We aren’t quite ready for crayons yet.

Jack Gnawing on Crayons

Jack Gnawing on Crayons


2 responses to “One Year Checkup

  1. Yes, eating crayons is so fun for 1 year olds. I kept putting them away and getting them out a few weeks later hoping my kids would stop eating them. They finally do at some point during the second year but I can’t remember how old mine were when they started coloring. He is so cute and that is such a fun age!! I wish we could get together.

  2. i can’t get over how curly his hair is! Such a cutie. Yes, william loves eating crayon too, but i read around 18 months they actually start coloring… I’m going to try again soon.

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