Jack and his friend Chanan

Today Jack’s friend Chanan spent the better part of the day amusing each other at my house. Chanan is a delightful little man born about a month before Jack. In many ways it was easier having them here together than apart.  They entertained each other so well and seemed to really enjoy each other’s company.  In addition to crawling (Jack) or walking (Chanan) around batting each other with toys, helping me empty the dishwasher, banging pots and pans, liberally exchanging food during lunch, and reading books galore, they also enjoyed playing peek a boo with each other.  Here’s a video proving just that.


3 responses to “Jack and his friend Chanan

  1. Too Cute!! We can’t wait to have you here!

  2. Catherine – are you guys alive?? Hope all is well! Have left various messages for you, etc. Will keep trying! Looking forward to your visit!!

  3. Catherine,
    I miss your blog. Hope everything is going well. It looks like ya’ll are going to visit Joy soon? That is wonderful- are you taking Jack along? Hope you have a great trip. I need to call you so we can catch up. Love ya!

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