Good News

Remember Erwin’s house? The one with the trash mounded in the front yard? We got back from vacation and found it all cleaned up, except for the general look that yard had been trampled on, or perhaps had mounds of detritus and flies gathered on it for two months, something like that. The fly population in the neighborhood has been dealt a severe blow now that the main source of their food has been taken from them.  PETA has not come by about this injustice, but they may be by soon.  Matt, Jack and I ate dinner last night on our patio and enjoyed having only 7 or so flies join us instead of the 20 to 30 that would congregate pre-trash removal.  The city has also removed 4 (!) abandoned cars that were in the alley on our block. I can’t believe they were there for that long, with broken windows, no license plates, on blocks etc.  One would think that the police who cruise behind there every night would notice, but no.  I also can’t believe that there were FOUR cars behind the alley on one side of our block.  That means that 1/3 of the houses had abandoned cars.  The removal of the trash and cars has really improved the look of our block. I so appreciate the city taking care of this. I called the 311 number about the cars and trash and it didn’t take (that) long for them to get on it.


One response to “Good News

  1. that would be awful! flys are disgusting when you are trying to eat.we’ve got some trashy neighbors too. i’ve blocked every view from our house, it’s funny.
    hey, i made the moroccan burger recipe that you posted last night-holy m oly they were good. i am going to frreze a bunch for thehellishthreeweeks after the baby arrives.

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