So Many Things

I have been gone. Literally. For a long time. I have so many posts jumbling about in my head it may take a while to write them all. Or they may never get written. Sad thought! Here is a quick update and then more about what I’ve been doing recently. As in an hour ago.

What has happened since 8-14-08 (when I last posted)

Went away on a personal retreat (without Jack– first time ever!)  to Charlottesville. It was wonderful, refreshing and  a great reminder about the importance of silence and quiet

Two weeks with husband sans Jack in London and Ireland. Lots of good food, interesting beers and ciders, places, time with dear friends, and all around wonderful (on all fronts) for our marriage. Didn’t  miss the boy as much (if any) as anticipated. Is that bad?   Would like to do something like that every year– but know it probably can’t happen– but maybe a week a year?

Flew to GA to pick up Jack. Mother has helped Jack to sleep through night and take long naps.  Another blessed unintended byproduct of leaving the boy– he was able to form new and improved habits!  She is also feeding him “gruel” which consists of a banana, applesauce, meat, veggies, and rice or oatmeal. He downs this like candy three times a day and has been sleeping lots ever since. He also goes down very easily. In like three minutes with no routine or coaxing from me.  I asked her if she was going to write a book.  Anyway.

Spent a few days in GA and then drove to NC for a family reunion at a very interesting farm. Never seen one like it.  The farm was in Eastern NC and they are VERY into hunting there. Probably because there is so much land around.   But the farm is dedicated to providing a habitat for quail, dove and deer. Which they then shoot during hunting season.  It was also fun to see family I hadn’t connected with in a while.

Finally back in VA after three weeks of being gone.

Monday a dear friend surprised three of us by keeping our kids, and sending us to a yoga class, a massage, lunch and then bead making. Very fun to chat with friends when we usually can’t finish a conversation while chasing kids around.

It is going to be very hard to get back to regular life after all of that.

Also– have been reading some great parenting books, altar books, and This AM as in– during Jack’s nap, am reading Interior Castle by Teresa of Avila. HIghlights so far:

Few of us realize the worth or makeup of our soul. Our soul is made in the image of God and therefore has a measure of his infinite worth and complexity.

We are very preoccupied with impressing others and don’t make the time to listen to God and know him.

As we focus on humility and knowing God, we understand ourselves.

Until next time.  Thank you for listening!


5 responses to “So Many Things

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I want to know all of the sleeping secrets!

  2. So glad to hear from you! Glad you had a relaxing, wonderful time. My Bible Study leader at church talked about that book last week! Do you recommend it?

  3. the book Grace Based Parenting is great– very balanced— I really liked it.

  4. wow! it sounds like you had a most refreshing break. you needed it. if you didn’t sound like you were busy i would get ill for you for not getting coffee with me in Georgia.

  5. Yay!! Posts from Catherine!! So glad Jack made it ok — sounds like a good dose of “Dr. Denmark-isms” did him well!

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