Jack update

Aside from sleeping so much better, my little man had more growing up at Hunny’s house. He

*Learned to WALK

*Now says Duh=dog, duck or really any animal

Buh=anything round ie. ball, grape, tomato, globe, apple, etc.



Wawa=flower or any kind of living plant

bye bye combined with finger pinch wave=bye bye

claps on command

signs more when hungry

blows when something is hot

points at everything

dances to music by bouncing up and down

It is so cute– I feel like I left Jack a baby and came back and he is a toddler. He is communicating to me all day through words and gestures and I think he understands a lot more. He can also attempt to repeat many words, but he doesn’t initiate saying them. Such as Guh for Go, Yesh for Yes, Roh for rock, etc etc etc.

We are still nursing–twice a day. I wasn’t sure if after 2 weeks without it he would be done, but he can’t get enough!

In another cuteness development, he now gives hugs and “leans” which are his version of kisses and says “Aww”  which of course just melts me.

I love you little man


2 responses to “Jack update

  1. Too Too Cute!!! I cannot wait to spend more time with him!!

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