And so it Begins

Most of you know that it took more than the usual to conceive Jack. As in we used acupuncture, herbs, prayer, radical gluten free diet, etc. etc. to get my body to cooperate. As Jack is now almost 15 months– where has the time gone?– we are beginning again.  Taking my temperature every am with a basal thermometer (for the uninitiated, it is more sensitive than normal kinds and helps detect the slight rise in temp that indicates ovulation has occurred), being more strict about my gluten free diet, going to acupuncture where they stick needles all over my body and look and my tongue and it feels relaxing (promise!) and helps balance what little energy I have left after chasing Jack around. And oh I forgot also boiling sticks and weeds and other strange objects that my Asian medicine doctor gives me in a paper bag and then drinking the subsequent brown sludge twice a day. It really isn’t so bad. I fully intend to start the Yoga for fertility– soon– like I did last time. We also haven’t started on the weekly belly massage– yet– though I am looking forward to it, truth be told.

So we’ll keep you posted with any news of a potential new arrival at the Illian household, but be aware that we are eager for another blessing and doing our best to make it happen. (I also neglected to mention that I’m also taking Fish oil with DHA twice daily and of course a prenatal per the advice of my nutritionist)

I really am feeling hopeful and excited and also patient with what I know could be a long process. I am learning to be patient with myself and my funky non-traditional body that doesn’t like to ovulate.

In other news,– that could be titled ‘Side of Lead Chips Please’

Jack’s lead results came back elevated. (every child in most places is tested at 1 year) Elevated means  an 8 for the uninitiated and if the level is above 10, the health department comes round to your house for a look-see to find the source of the dreaded lead. Lead, again for the unaware, is not pencil lead. No, it is a harmful toxic substance that has been known to harm people for centuries. (go and GOOGLE it if you haven’t yet) However, as recently as thirty years ago people were still adding it to paint and gasoline. Not that we sit around eating paint and gas, but hey, sometimes I can’t help myself.

Anyway, our house is old and was built many years before 1970 when they outlawed the said paint. So that means that any paint in our house has lead in it and therefore a potential hazard to anyone but especially young gnawing infants or toddlers. Any paint chips or even worse paint dust formed when windows are opened or doors have friction or trim paint chips beyond the thin layer of non-leaded paint we have on it is harmful to Jack when he breathes it or ingests a chip. Lead causes mental retardation and in less severe cases, lower IQ. While Jack may choose in ingest substances later in life that may lower his IQ as well, I would like to think that any ingestion of questionable substances or air could be left up to him when he’s older. So– what to do? Enter Richmond City Health Department! I sweet talked them into coming out today and inspecting my house for lead dust and found that –drumroll please– my house has lead paint! What a shocker– but now we need to find someone to come out and fix it for us. Which involves trying to contain said dust and cover over any offending paint. We have had several quotes, all very expensive– at least for our tastes and now we also need to buy a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. I researched them today and they aren’t cheap either. This whole process has left me feeling overwhelmed and like Jack and I need to be constantly dressed in Hazmat gear with a HEPA filter vacuum at our side for defense.

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter


One response to “And so it Begins

  1. Wow, that’s scary about the lead. I hope that you can come up with a solution that isn’t too terribly expensive.

    Keeping everything crossed for you on the baby front!

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