The New Brew

This week after my acupuncture appointment, I took some photos of the herb potion making process. Just so you know how disgusting interesting it is. But first, a lecture on more things I’m giving up to have a baby. Because eastern medicine is based on a holistic model to treating infertility, the treatment involves more than stimulating your ovaries. The goal is to bring your whole body into balance.    They believe that the whole body is connected, and that if one part isn’t functioning properly, it takes the whole body to help heal it. Part of eastern medicine is paying attention to what you are eating. Toward that end I have sworn off dairy (said to encourage stagnation and phlegm). The only dairy that I really eat anyway is ice cream and that has been hard. I have SLOWLY weaned myself off of my daily bowl of dairy. I also have sworn off salads– not too hard — or any raw veggies (within reason) and am now trying to eat mostly cooked warm foods (supposedly gentler on the digestion for stressed out people like me). Also not too hard to do at this time of year because the weather is colder and I start to crave soups and stews anyway. The encouragement to cook veggies instead of just eat them raw has encouraged me to make such concoctions as chickpea coconut milk soup (v. v. yummy) and orange and yellow roasted sweet potatoes with black beans and salsa (salsa not exactly cooked but still yummy).

Next on the list is to add yoga back to my daily routine as well as some contemplative prayer and meditation. This will be good for me either way but will nourish my soul as well.

I am sure some of you are thinking

This girl is crazy. Why would she do all this when she could just take some clomid and be done with it. (for those who don’t know, clomid is sort of a first line fertility drug that you only take for five days and it does make you ovulate. And it did work for us… once. Which resulted in a miscarriage and then we tried a few more times and it didn’t work– at least we didn’t get pregnant. Also the last few times I took it, I had horrible hot flashes and felt very very crabby. I will take it if need be, but would prefer to try this first)

Onto what I am sure you really want– the pictures..

Here are the herbs in my pot before I have boiled them  for an hour twice.  I’m sure you will agree with me that they conjure up a picture of me flitting around the graveyard behind our house with my wee wooden basket for twigs branches and dirt.

My chinese Herbs

My chinese Herbs

Here is my new drink of choice, something faintly resembling coffee but which I have not yet cultivated a taste for.  It is somewhat thick because it is difficult to filter out all the herbs.  Jack has been very interested in my “ha” (hot) drink. I gave him a taste on my finger.  He didn’t seem to mind.

Mug of herb juice. I try to drink it my very earthy pottery mug. To make it go down better!

Mug of herb juice. I try to drink it my very earthy pottery mug. To make it go down better!

Up next. Jack as an angel.


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  1. Yum!

    Are you still nursing?

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