Angel Jack

Jack and his wings

Jack and his wings

As I type this, my poison herb  drink is bubbling on the stove. (Having already boiled dry once because I forgot about it) I just finished my fertility yoga DVD and Jack-Jack is napping. A few minutes of quiet.

Jack is sick today.  He woke up with 100.5 degree temperature has red eyes and refused his banana at lunch. I know he doesn’t feel well when he refuses his fruit. That boy loves him some fruit, especially banana.  In the middle of  “the sick” this morning I fell in love with him all over again. We were on the sofa, I in my blue bathrobe and he in his little airplane outfit.  I was holding him and his bowl of goldfish –playing a game with him as he attempted to throw the goldfish on me, over me, anywhere but the bowl.   And I thought. There is nowhere on earth I would rather be than here with my little runny nosed boy and his goldfish throwing self.  He wrinkled his nose and smiled at me, dried mucous all over his little face.  It is amazing how as a mother you don’t think twice about any of their bodily secretions, just take them on and clean them up no matter how they come.

I have decided that this year Jack is going to be a cherub for Halloween. If he can’t act like one,  (he does act like one—some of the time) then at least he will look like one. I have gotten lots of comments about how my little man looks like a cherub. He has fluffy blond curls and chubby cheeks and blue eyes– So I decided to complete the picture by getting him some cherub wings. Here he is with them on. He wasn’t too excited about them.

Here are some picture of my little cherub. He isn’t too sure about the wings but I sure think he looks cute.


4 responses to “Angel Jack

  1. Yes! He looks extremely cute! What a precious boy. I need to call you sometime so we can chat. It’s been a while. Hopefully we can see each other over Christmas? We’ll be there the 23rd for a little over a week probably.

  2. he is a doll. he looks like a cheerub even without the wings. i hope he gets to feeling better. and yes, being with such a cutie must be heaven.

  3. Too cute!!! Is it bad to say he looks more and more like his Auntie Faith?? =) Miss you guys!

  4. Faith (the other one)

    hey cath,
    yes, i think he will look quite adorable on halloween as a little cherub. great idea for him- fits perfectly. miss you! keep me updated on baby making #2… :), that tea looks awesome.

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