Ode to Chicken Salad

Before this week, I was rather cavalier about food safety.  I did store my meat and milk in the fridge. But I didn’t sweat it if the soup had been out of the fridge for a while, or if we traveled for a few hours with chinese food and then ate it. Those days, my friend, are over.

No longer am I going to emulate my grandmother Nani who has been known to GET FOOD OUT OF THE TRASH that has been sitting in the hot Georgia July sun and eat it.  (as she did at Sea Island a few years back when she fished some wilted celery and lettuce out of the trasvih can in the backyard)

Sunday night I ate some Ukrops chicken salad (which I LOVE)It had been out on the counter for a few hours on Friday.  A few hours too many I suppose because I woke up Monday at 5:30 with some unpleasantness which continued all day Monday accompanied by a fever, chill, and aches. I thought I was going to die. It wasn’t as bad as labor but it was as sick as I have been oh since I can remember. Different from normal nausea, etc viruses. Making it doubly hard was my super energetic one year old that doesn’t realize that Mama feels like she is dying and so needs to be allowed to rest. Preferably with a cold compress on her forehead and complete silence.   Fortunately Matt was able to relieve me for a few hours to allow for some rest.   I’ve never had food poisoning before but given my previous habits I was due for some poisoning.

I know the rest of you never leave food out. But seriously people. Be careful.


3 responses to “Ode to Chicken Salad

  1. Oh no – how awful! I’m glad you are feeling better.

  2. Faith (the other one)

    I’m so sorry Catherine! I know that is not fun. We have been “poisoned” too often i’m afraid and I feel like we are very careful!! The bad thing is i food poisoned william (by accident of course) last sunday. I fed him a meal i had frozen, and now i realize i had frozen the meat 2 times too many. ANyway, the meat was in a mexican casserole that he gobbled up, and then 6 AM monday morning he was throwing it all up. Everywhere. No fever, and was acting ok later that day so i know it was the food. oh, and we didn’t eat it and not surprisingly did not get sick. so better you than jack i guess?? 🙂
    happy early bday

  3. oh no! i wish i could have come over to give you a break. sounds horrid!

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