My very cool sis

Faiths office waiting room

Faith's office waiting room

My sister Faith lives a very glamorous NYC lifestyle. She lives on the upper east side in a little jewel of an apartment. She is the quintessential New York girl.  She should have been born in an I Heart New York T-shirt. Seriously, I have never know someone who loved their city as much as she does.  Or who takes full advantage of the concerts, opera, restaurants, and beautiful parks with the same zest as she does.   She is always flitting of to the latest benefit, concert or opera in the park.  I LOVE visiting “her city” just because we always do such amazing things (and have such fun doing them)

Here is a link to Interior Design Magazine’s (where she interned a few year’s ago) photos of her offices at JWT (an ad agency). Her office is very cool. Very mod and colorful and interesting. She is also doing great work for ad campaigns ranging from Rolex to Stouffers.   In an environment like that, who wouldn’t be inspired.

What inspires you to work?

3 responses to “My very cool sis

  1. love it! i love NYC too. what inspires me to work? nothing at the moment. ; (
    have you decided who to vote for?

  2. no i have not decided– though I did read you post about it– and have really appreciated people’s thoughtful emails and forwards…

  3. Wow – that is such a gorgeous workplace! I agree a beautiful workspace is most definitely inspiring.

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