I have wanted to introduce you to my community for some time. We live in an urban area of Richmond Virginia. We moved there by choice. With three other couples who share a similar vision. Aside from sharing vision, we also have the joy of sharing life together. We sometimes joke about how we are “tribally” raising our children. How they are in some ways being mothered by all of us. We share child care. We share meals. We share the joys and sorrows of living in a community that has much need, both physical and spiritual. We do each have our own houses, but we have at various times lived together.

I sometimes lack words to adequately express my thoughts and fortunately for you all this time, my very eloquent friend Corey Widmer has already written some ideas about our vision.

Part 1

Part 2

There really isn’t any thing more profound to say except that living this way has been such a joy for us. I love our neighbors. It is challenging to live in a place where you are in the minority. To live in a place where there are shooting and violence and drug dealing. But also to live in a place where neighbors (and not just these three couples but our next door neighbors) mow your lawn, rake your leaves, come tell you your trunk is open, ask about your visitors.

How do you find community?


One response to “Community

  1. Those two written pieces by Corey were awesome. Thanks for posting those links.

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