Election Day!

Matt, Jack, and I will be planned to get out the vote at the polls for Don Coleman, a friend of ours who is running for School Board. We think that he is a great candidate. (He won handily– by about 3000 votes)

We arrived at the polls on a grey drizzly day. Not the sort of day you would imagine for an historic election day. Either way, this election will be historic. We will either have the first woman vice president or the first black president.

Our precinct votes at Fourth Baptist Church, when I arrived the line spilled a little outside onto the sidewalk but it belied that long line that snaked around inside. Matt said that early in the am the line wound around the block. As I passed out cards about Don Coleman and encouraged people to vote for Don (at least 40 feet from the polls of course)

It was inspiring to see…..

black old canes and limping thin ladies waiting in the drizzle

oxygen tanks and blind people being led in to vote

people unable to walk waiting an hour and a half in cars for the election official to come out and count their paper vote.

Lawyers who drove down from DC to make sure that the vote was fair.

Having voted before and been able to waltz in any time I wanted– seeing the masses of people who were out voting was inspiring. despite the long wait and somehwat disorganized nature of the vote (no doubt due to the many people out voting today) everyone waiting quietly– almost excitedly– their turn. We ran into neighbors who said this was their first time to vote— I was so glad to see democracy in action– so many people out realizing that their vote really does count– and seeing all of my black brothers and sisters— friends and neighbors– casting their votes no doubt for Obama– was amazing— I almost started crying seeing the streams of people– limping, walking with canes– but all with determined smiles on their faces as they made their way toward the polls this rainy and cold but historic day.


One response to “Election Day!

  1. it’s awesome that there has been this “problem” of long lines all over… people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing

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