My Friday

My attempt to blog every day has resulted in some rather interesting posts. Take today for instance.   I have several really interesting ideas, but it is 11:30 and my body is calling for the bed. So instead of downloading some cute pictures of Jack or the delicious dinner we had tonight– I’ll give you a very short recap of my day.

First, I am so grateful that Matt is back. After being gone for four days. I do not properly appreciate my amazing and sweet husband.  He got up with Jack  this am at around 7 and gave me a little more sleep.  Then I puttered around with Jack and put him down at nine. I puttered around without Jack during his nap and also did my Yoga for Fertility DVD (at least almost all of it until Jack woke me up before I got to my most favorite part which is of course the relaxation bit).  Then I got inspired to make a stir fry with some of the giant mushrooms I bought at the Asian Tan-A Market at the behest of John Kang my acupuncturist because of my “damp  heat”  So I made a yummy stir fry.  WIth brown rice for lunch. Jack ate none of the mushrooms or veggies and only the brown rice. By fistful..  Then more puttering by both of us. Then Jack goes down for a nap and I do some faxing and other business.  THen– I’ll finish tomorrow– bed is calling


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