Jack’s New Toys

I have decided that children do not need toys.  Actually, I think they would prefer not to have any toys.  They would rather forage for objects/plants/paper around the house. Case in point: Jack. Here is Jack’s review of

Favorite objects….

Key chain — love to chew on the keys. Sharp jagged edges are great for pushing teeth through.  Love to chew on the Plastic cards from CVS, Ukrops, etc.  Fun to Jingle.

Clock/Radio — perfect for pushing and turning buttons. It makes Music!  I can turn the volume up and down!  And set the alarm to three in the morning.

Pots- LOVE the pot lids. Love to walk around with  pot lids.  Love to bang on the pots.  Love to move the pots around the kitchen.

Wooden Spoon– See Pots.  Love to bang on pots.

Outside– Love to be outside in general.  Love to jump up and down on acorns. Throwing leaves is also fun.  Also love to throw self down any hill or hill-like structure

Vacuum Cleaner– Love  to ride on vacuum cleaner. Is infinitely preferable to any riding toys.

Laundry– Is  the best. Love especially to throw clean folded laundry into a big pile.

Diswasher— Love to help mom empty the dishwasher by climbing on the open diswasher and flinging contents on the floor.

Stairs– Love to climb stairs.  Enough said.

Boxes of any variety and shape– Love too put things, keys, cups, etc into and out of boxes.

Dustpan/broom– love to sweep and walk around with dustpan in hand

Phone– Like to put phone or any rectangular object to ear and talk into it.

Measuring cups and spoons– Perfect for banging and moving/hiding around the house.

Wallet– Love to get all of Mom’s credit cards and cash and empty onto floor.

Diaper Bag– Love to empty diaper bag

Shoes–  Love to put on anyone’s shoes…

The list could go on and on– why would I ever buy toys?

What do your children like to play with besides their toys? Or what was your favorite non-toy object to play with as a child.


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