Shameless Plug

After listening one to many times to our ABC Singalong that Jack loves I decided I was ready for some real music. Enter Putumayo Kids.

Putumayo World Playground CD

Putumayo World Playground CD

I have been loving this Putumayo kids CD. We were looking for some kids music besides Raffi and the ABC Singalong which was about to drive me batty.I love this one. The music is upbeat and fun. Jack loves dancing to it. I love doing housework, generally anything with the CD. The ABC Singalong really is cute and is set to familiar nursery rhyme type tunes but is just a little too nauseating for constant listening.  By contrast the Putumayo Kids CDs (we have World and Latin Playground) feel like real music. What music do you or your kiddies enjoy?


2 responses to “Shameless Plug

  1. We enjoyed :Hey, kids do you love Jesus, Psalty’s Praise , Sing the Word with the Fisherfolk ,Sing Praise with the Fisherfolk, Antshillvania, Growing Songs for Children by the Children’s Bible Hour, The Kids Praise Album by Maranatha, Kids Sing Praise by Brentwood. I’m grateful to see what the Holy Spirit did in my girls’ hearts through music.

  2. Faith (the other one)

    well, not exactly christian music, but we joined a music class called music for aardvarks and have really enjoyed it. i am not musically inclined, so it has built my confidence singing songs and doing motions to them. the songs are kind of acoustic beatlesy or something, so its not go crazy with kids songs, but kids love it! another one we like that sounds similar is Dan Zanes. He is bigger in that he is national, and we really like “all around the kitchen cock a doodel doodle do” and “carried water for the elephant” on the ride that train cd. william loves tons of the dan zanes and aardvarks songs. (both available on itunes) i’ve got a few of the kids praise songs which he likes, but these are catchier for some reason. i would like to get psalty but am not sure where to get it.
    i would love checking out your cd you posted– looks good!

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