Wrecked Volvo

This post has been very difficult for me to write.  On Sunday we were driving on I-64 and I swerved to avoid some debris in the road. Jack, Matt and I were in the car.  The car started fishtailing and crashed into the guard rail and spun around.  We ended up on the shoulder of the road facing the wrong way. It was really really scary.  The car is obviously totaled. I have been terrified to drive because I realize that you can’t control the other crazy people out there or what might be in your path.  We are thinking about only having 1 car for a while.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a good family car that we could get?



4 responses to “Wrecked

  1. oh!how!scary!!! you poor, poor thing. were i you i would seriously look at the subaru forrester. esp. one that was at carmax…you could get a deal.

  2. Oh my Catherine! I’m so sorry but I’m glad ya’ll are o.k. I can’t imagine how scary that must have been.

  3. Faith (the other one)

    oh my gosh. that is so scary!!! if you ever need to talk to anyone about wrecking, i have experience unfortunately. i didn’t drive for almost a year after my wreck b/c of flashbacks and anxiety associated with driving. and as a result, i am a terrible backseat driver as most friends can testify. i am just glad you are all ok!! volvos are super safe…. i have heard the subaru is also a great family car, my neighbor has two. however, she can’t fit 3 carseats in the back. my lexus sedan can, and she loves it and was ready to trade it in for her car when she borrowed it last week. i got my lexus after my wreck b/c i wanted something safe and reliable. it has reinforced doors, etc. i don’t think its super family oriented or anything, but you might think about an suv? or a minivan. nothing’s family friendlier than that.


    and this is why. wow catherine I am so glad ya’ll are ok! that is so scary and such a miracle that you are all safe. I love you so much.

    I echo what has been said, I hear the subaru is a great car and very safe. VW just came out with a minivan as well. i think it would be similar to a volvo. can’t wait to see you next week.

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