Alternative treatments for infertility

Life is funny. We are currently doing acupuncture treatments to help me ovulate and hopefully conceive another baby.Things could have easily turned out differently. If taking clomid had worked or we hadn’t conceived Jack when we did in early October 2006, we would probably be doing fertility treatments through a doctor. (we were going to start the clomid for the last time before doing an IUI with shots in October)

But we aren’t. I wonder if the acupuncture hadn’t “worked” if I would say that alternative treatments are a waste of time. Which is basically what my RE (ie fertility doc) said. Our experience with alternative medicine and subsequently conceiving Jack has fundamentally altered my perception of medicine.

I now believe that any chronic condition (including my anovulation) is worth trying to heal through alternative treatments. Towards that end, here are some great links about alternative fertility treatments.


One response to “Alternative treatments for infertility

  1. i took accupuncture for awhile. i don’t think it got me pregnnat-but it did-somehow-get rid of my migraines. when nothing else could. no mater what good luck!

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