Perspective (and a completely fluffy distraction)

Yesterday a couple came by our house. We  met them before when they were homeless.  They helped us dig our patio in exchange for some money to buy a hotel room.  This time they were still homeless but they have a 10 day old baby.  They stayed with us last night. I cannot imagine being homeless with a new baby.  I don’t know the choices that have led them to homelessness this time. They don’t seem to  have involved drugs or anything like that. They chose not stay with us tonight. They got money somehow for another  hotel room. When Jack was 10 years old I was doing well to get dressed.  (out of respect for them I’m not using names) The mother is being such a tender and sweet mom.  She is breastfeeding and loves her baby so well. My heart just breaks for them.  I cannot imagine being homeless with a brand new baby.. How challenging.  (the problem is– they want to stay together– which is perfectly reasonable– but the shelters in our area don’t allow couples to stay together– someone needs to start a shelter that allows families to stay together! Maybe I’ll do it)

Watching them and the new baby today has given me some perspective. Not that I don’t still feel sad (I do).  But I remember again that I am very blessed to have a home, food, a warm bed.  Simple comforts.

And now on to the trivial.  After Jack was
born and I had a newly fluffy tummy, I felt frumpy. Now that my tummy is less fluffy I still feel frumpy.  Somehow having a one year old makes it difficult for me to do a copious amount of personal grooming. (or putting outfits together)

Not that I was terribly fastidious about it before. But now I feel I’m doing well to actually get dressed instead of going about all day in grey sweatpants.  I did a complete purge of my closet and threw out anything that I didn’t love.  Which cut out a lot of clothes.

Now I still  just feel frumpy and old. But with less clothes.

I look at what 40,50 year old women are wearing and think “that  looks cute.”  And then I remember that I’m 30!  I should enjoy looking young while I can instead of looking


I think what I need is to come up with some outfits (of the clothes I have) and just go with them.

I am just now realizing that juxtaposing the post about the homeless people staying in our house with my lack of wardrobe moxie looks terribly shallow. Sorry.  I really do care about the dear people staying with us. Much more than clothes.

Well, in case you are still reading,  Here is the link to an interesting site that has some fun trends.  and here is another one.  I have been perusing them the past few days to get some ideas. CLick on them– They’re interesting.

How do you manage–

1) your clothes

2) getting dressed with a toddler


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