Cooking with Jack

Jack enjoys stirring empty bowls and playing with measuring cups while I am cooking. He also LOVES putting a dash of spices into whatever I’m cooking. Here we are adding cinnamon and raisins to our oatmeal this morning.  Below he is posing in front of the “Monet” that he was obsessed with at the White Elephant Christmas party we went to last night.


His godfather Stephen picked the “Monet” out with him. Below are some of Jack’s friends. We went to the Jefferson Hotel to take in the holiday decorations and lights. He is wearing the outfit his great-grandmother gave him. Thank you Grand! Without you I don’t know what he would be wearing.


2 responses to “Cooking with Jack

  1. Ha, gotta love it when the kids help out in the kitchen!

  2. Faith (the other one)

    good idea to have him help out with the spices. william loves getting into my spice drawer and emptying the jars onto the floor. NOT HELPFUL. I should start letting him help me with dashes into the food. good tip!

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