Jack and Scary Chicken

My dear grandmother sent Jack a yellow singing chicken.  Most children would be delighted with such a gift.  Not Jack.

The second video is him conquering the chicken.

4 responses to “Jack and Scary Chicken

  1. so flippin’ funny. and since i haven’t had sleep in days…it’s hard to make me laugh and loud.
    i like jack. way to face your fears, buddy.
    let me know when you are in town and we’ll meet for coffee or the like.
    there is an awesome kid’s bookstore, called the little shop of stories that i go to and even better it is next to a starbucks.
    i need to email you my cell.

  2. i can’t find your eamil so email me if you can. christina.apronstringsATgmail.com

  3. Awwwww…

    When Thea heard Jack cry on the video, she burst into tears herself.

    We have a cow toy that she HATES.

  4. Faith (the other one)

    awww, poor jack. how did he do with santa??

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