Doctor’s Report

We just returned from the RE’s office.  Our plan now is to take some blood work and see what my hormones are doing right now (ie Thyroid, Estrogen, Testoterone, etc)  It was interesting that he lowered the number of tests he wanted to run after he found out that we would be paying for the tests ourselves.  Very interesting.

If my estrogen is close to normal levels or on the high end,  he suggested waiting a while– maybe a few weeks to see if anything happens naturally.  If the estrogen is low, we’ll go ahead with Provera, wait for my period to start, do some testing then (at least an ultrasound to look at my oh-so pretty ovaries that don’t like to produce that often)  and then do a cycle of Clomid or Femara.

I really like the RE– he personable and really listens to you and lets you lead the discussion.

While I wish we didn’t have to do all of this, I am glad that we have options and that our doctor is so pleasant to work with.

I’ll keep you posted.  Blood tests come back Monday….

and here is a picture of Jack that makes all that testing and doctor’s visits worth it..

Elf Hat Jack

2 responses to “Doctor’s Report

  1. very interesting about the tests. it stinks to need an RE, but i’m so glad that you at least have a doctor that you feel good about. i really love him. keeping everything crossed for you guys and hoping the new treatment works quickly.

    jack’s hat is so stinkin’ cute! (as is he, of course)

  2. He looks like a little boy! Not a baby anymore. Wow!

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