Yoga, Toddler Style

In addition to acupuncture and meeting with the fertility doctor, I have been attempting to regularly practice yoga, specifically doing a Yoga for Fertility DVD by Brenda Strong. I discovered yoga after our miscarraige.  My sister and I went to a class in January of ’06 a week after my D and C. And I discovered that practicing yoga helped to clear my mind and center me. It helped me to think about something else besides the failed pregnancy. I began going weekly, then bi-weekly.  I tried different kinds of yoga and discovered that I loved Vinyasa best because it provides challenge and repetition.  I like the flow and rhythym that happens from doing it for an hour and a half or so.

Then I started doing the fertility DVD and then we got pregnant with Jack. I also loved prenatal yoga, usually going twice a week as well.  And after he was born I had great intentions of going to “Mommy and Me” Yoga but somehow just didn’t squeeze it in.

And now we are hoping for another and I’m really trying to practice yoga at least a few times a week.  If anything to help with stress reduction.  Usually I do the DVD during his naps, but today I decided to try it this morning, with Jack awake.  While it wasn’t the usual quiet contemplative practice I have grown to love, it was full of giggles and very joyful, just what I need right now.  Jack laughed everytime I got into a new pose, and seemed to feel the invitation to climb over or under my pose.  Downward Dog became a playfort, Bridge pose became a jungle gym (he literally climbed onto my chest and sat up there!)  If you don’t know these poses, Here is Down Dog. Picture Jack sitting in front of my legs right next to my head.

Downward Dog

Downward Dog

Then here is bridge pose.   He climbed onto my chest and sat there, howling with laughter.

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

While it wasn’t quite the workout I’m used to, it was fun and relaxing. He also attempted a few of the poses which was adorable. I love that I’m doing Yoga for Fertility and here is the product of that fertility running around and jumping on me.  It made for a very sweet moment for me personally and Jack had a ball on his personal jungle gym.    I think morning yoga is going to become a routine in our house.


One response to “Yoga, Toddler Style

  1. Faith (the other one)

    i’ve had the same experience trying to do yoga around william. he loves me as his personal play gym, but it is fun because i catch him doing poses around the house. yesterday he just got into the down dog position and held it for awhile. so cute!! enjoy those fun moments even if it can be a little annoying, at least to me!

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