Jack has been increasingly adorable of late.  He folds his hand and says “Pay”  (pray) before each meal as a reminder to pray. He says “tank you” and “welcome” whenever he wants something or hands something to me.  Paper Receipt? “Tank You”  Grape Stems? “Tank You”  He also asks for his grandmother “Honey” several times a day, asking to “ky” (Skype her).   On Sunday he spent several minutes getting a headband on my head and proclaimed “CU—TE.”   I guess he’s heard people declare him cute and wanted to let me know he also thought Mama was cute. Truth is, I’ve been really loving this new verbal stage and trying to soak up every syllable.  Water– “Wa-Ey.”  Car– “Ca-Ey”  Any truck like vehicle “Du Tuk” (dump truck). Peanut butter has become “Pee Oh.” He literally eats spoonfuls of “Pee Oh”  whenever he spies the jar.   I asked the doctor if its possible to eat too much peanut butter and he assured me that it wasn’t.  We shall see….

I stumbled across this post today and thought I’d share her spot on thoughts with you. She is the author of Momma Zen, a parenting book that I haven’t read but its on my short list.

5 Ways to Make Childhood Last

1. Wake up. Let your children wake you up. Better yet, let them drag you out of bed. How much of your life – how much of their lives – do you spend in this ceaseless struggle to get more sleep? Give up already. I promise you, one day too soon the house will grow empty. Then sleep will once more evade. Seize the day! Seize the night! This divine mission to bring us into full awareness of our lives is the reason your child has come. So crack a lid and get this party started. If you could just once see the exhilarating potential they wake to every day, you’d know why children don’t want to waste a minute to slumber.

2. Break the rules. Brownies for breakfast. Painting your hair. Jumping on the beds. Staying up late and missing school. Adventure! Daring! Build your house on rules, but then have the good sense to barrel right through them from time to time. Breaking rules brings your home to life. It brings you to life!

3. Get on the floor. For one hour a day, get down on the floor and surrender to play. Not play on your terms – where you choose the game, control the action, and make corrections – play on their terms. Set a kitchen timer to keep track. Your children need one hour of undistracted attention from you each day. The trouble is, we spend 16 hours avoiding it.

4. Hold hands. Kisses grow scarce. Cuddles are outgrown. Your scrumptious love bugs will soon be parceling out the affection in piddling doses. How then to keep close? Hold hands at every chance. It’s the last, best way to stay in touch. It’s practical, it’s intimate, it’s precious, and it’s the ageless sign of peaceful coexistence. And when your child finally lets go of your fingertips, you’ll know one thing for sure. All this time you thought you were guiding them forward, they were really leading you here. To the point of letting go.

5. Say it a million times over. I love you. I’m proud of you. You’re funny. Good idea! I like it. That’s perfect. Yes! You make me smile. I missed you. Good choice! I had fun with you today. I believe you. I’m glad to see you. Let’s play. Blow me a kiss. Sit on my lap. Let me tell you a story.


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