For a variety of reason, this has been a difficult week for me.  While I can’t control my situation and emotional responses to it, I have been so grateful for the unexpected Graces that God has given this week.

The Unexpected Graces of a Difficult Week.

1. A rather last minute visit from my dearest sister Faith.  She is such a warm, sweet, kind, and nurturing soul.

2.  For friends far and near that randomly called or emailed me this week– thanks for the encouragement of friendship!

3.  The fact that I planned a retreat at Richmond Hill this weekend.  I didn’t even know I was going to need it.

4.  For long walks in the neighborhood.

5.  For the smiles of a certain blond haired cherub.

6.  This is a weird one, but I’m grateful my cycle started today. (after taking the provera for 10 days– I stopped on Wednesday and it usually takes a while for me to start– last time it was a very long two weeks, but this time it was the next day)

(update on #6– we have an ultrasound scheduled Monday afternoon to look at my ovaries and then we’ll start the meds)

7. For my eminantly loving Husband Matt.

One response to “Grace

  1. Thinking of you tonight, my friend.

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