Let it snow!

We had a robust 8 inches of snow fall on Sunday night and Monday morning.  It has been magical and COLD.  Jack isn’t a huge fan of the snow– probably stemming from the fact that he doesn’t have any gloves.  But he enjoyed it for the first few minutes.  I love the blanket of white that covers up trash and anything unsightly and just looks so serene and beautiful.

After he screamed a tantrum to let me know that he was finished with the snow, we came inside and read a SNOWY DAY by Ezra Jack Keats and The THREE SNOW BEARS by Jan Brett. Both of which he LOVED. I’m realizing that he is ready for simple picture books which is really fun. He also loves board books but will definitely sit through a few longer picture books with narrative when  he is in the mood.  He especially loved when the snow fell — PLOP! onto the little boy’s head in a snowy day. He kept saying “plop!”

To give you a glimpse of Jack in the snow….

Fertility update:

I went to the doctor today for an ultrasound and found….. Nothing happening. At all.  That means I didn’t respond well to the Femara.  I think the doctor was pretty surprised.  He told me to come back in a week and we’ll take a peek and see what’s happening.  My uterine lining was thickening like its supposed to be, but my ovaries looked almost exactly the same, which means that no egg development is happening.  We’ll see…I wasn’t surprised because from what my body was doing, I didn’t think I was getting ready to ovulate but I’m so glad I went so I could be sure!Waiting around for something that’s not going to happen is no fun.

I have also been noticing some  side effects  from the Femara which begin with nausea and cramping and end with other unpleasantness that I won’t mention here.  I also had some hot flashes all last night. woke up at least every hour pretty warm. THis is LAST night when it was 12 degrees outside.   NO FUN!

In better news, my insulin and glucose test from last week came back totally  normal.  He didn’t seem to think that I need to watch my sugar really closely or go on Metformine (a drug that helps regulate insulin) because my levels were so good.  But he did tell me to make sure I eat really healthy.  I’m not exactly sure what that means but going forward I’m going to really  my sugar intake and try balance it with protein intake.


One response to “Let it snow!

  1. those side effects sound like no fun! Hopefully you can figure out something without having to double up on your doses. Hang in there sweetie, i love you!

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