Jack’s First Hair Cut

Tuesday I took one look at Jack’s shaggy mane and decided that it was time to trim his locks.  I contemplated cutting them myself with some orange all purpose scissors we have at home but after consulting with a neighbor decided that we would venture to a salon of some sort.  I decided on Great Clips mostly because its a chain– so it can’t be too bad– and because its 5 minutes from our house.  We arrived and  asked them about cutting hair.  Joy– a family friend documented the whole episode/ordeal.  Jack started crying the minute they put the fish covered cape over his head.  He was not to be distracted by the efforts of the hair stylist to point out the fish.  No, I think he knew something was up.. And then the cutting began.. As I began to contemplate what it must be like to be a small person, confined to a chair, and having a much bigger person coming at you with scissors– very frightening I am sure!

The after — is so wonderful– I can’t believe I waited so long to cut his hair!  I had no idea how shaggy it was getting. It is soo much easier to take care of — I no longer have to get it wet every time he wears a hat or a hood or gets up from a nap. He still  has his precious curls but they are just more manageable.


One response to “Jack’s First Hair Cut

  1. cuteness!! He looks older doesn’t he?

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