Organizing Help with Photos


Here is a picture of all the unorganized photos in the house.

Embarrassing amount of unorganized photos from the last 7 or rather  30 years

Now.  Given that I am chasing a toddler around all day and have lots of other things to do. What ideas do you have for me to organize them in a more attractive and user frisdly way that does not involve scrapbooking?  These photos include wedding pictures pictures from college and pretty much ALL of the pictures of my husband from birth on.  I don’t have time to make scrapbooks of everything but I would like for it to be more user friendly and attractive than it is now.  Shelves? Boxes? Ideas?

I’m embarrased, but also ready to do something about it.


One response to “Organizing Help with Photos

  1. Faith (the other one)

    how about scanning them and then make them into a scrapbook with a tool like iphoto. my dad has done this with all of the photos he’s collecting from our grandmother’s houses. and once you make them, you can print more than one copy off, etc. or just put them in photo boxes for now and organize them by category/time into a bookcase or something?

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