By the numbers

Number of times Jack has thrown up in the  past 3 days=3

Episodes of explosive fecal matter=2

Loads of dirty laundry related to above mess=6

Baths Jack has taken in the past 3 days=6

Baths parents have taken as a result of said mess=3 (don’t ask)

Jump drives with important work material accidentally washed=1

Pedialyte consumed=less than 1 Oz.  (he HATES it)

Sleep lost a result of sickness=1 hour (at 1 a.m. when he politely demanded a banana and water)

Sleep lost a result of anticipating onset of vomit bug by parents =2 hours

Videos watched=8

**Updated to add***

Unsolicited advice– it is not advised to feed your recovering toddler spicy chicken fajita and guac in the car while driving.  It will result in unpleasant green colored output in the middle of the night while driving through NJ Turnpike at 12:30.  

Just thought I’d share

One response to “By the numbers

  1. Faith (the other one)

    i hope he gets better soon!!

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