I Wish I felt more SICK

I am six weeks today. I have been feeling a little anxious because I haven’t been feeling as sick as I remember feeling with Jack. (When Iwas pg with Jack.)When we were pregnant the first time and had a miscarriage I never really felt that sick.I know that ever pg is different and that just because of my history of nausea with Jack and current lack thereof is no reason to panic. But Sunday afternoon I started feeling nauseated and I’ve never been so happy to feel sick. We have an ultrasound next Monday May the 4th and we should definitely be able to see a heartbeat then. Those of you who have been pg before when did you start to have morning sickness?

In other updates I am hoping I don’t have swine flu after sitting next to a very nice Hispanic man yesterday who had just returned from vacation and was hacking next to me on the plane. I am sure I don’t have it but I was surprised how afraid I felt. Very ridiculous!

The reason I was on the plane was that I am currently sitting at a car dealer in CT buying a Toyota Sienna van. I’m very excited but it is a tempered excited because a van is a big purchase. We’re forking over a nice chunk of mostly Matt’s hard earned mulah for this behemoth.


4 responses to “I Wish I felt more SICK

  1. Congrats on the van! I’ve heard those are the best- how do you like it so far?

    I felt great with Ruthie Mae until around 8 weeks- then it hit:) Enjoy the non-sickness! Some people really don’t get it bad. I can’t wait to hear about the ultrasound.

    • catherineillian

      actually I LOVE it so far– it drives great and has so much room.

      Thanks for the encouragement re– lack of sickness!

  2. Faith (the other one)

    didn’t feel sick with william until around 7 weeks, but it was close to 4 weeks with this little guy. every one is very different
    congrats on having your on car again!

  3. CATHERINE!!!! I didn’t know you are expecting!!!! Haven’t talked to your mom in a while. YEA! I’m sure she’s worried sick. So happy for you and Matt…

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