Sick and Sick-er

Well– I got my wish.  I feel nauseated pretty much all the time and it just sort of has peaks and valleys.  It feels worse than last preg. with Jack, but maybe I just don’t remember.

So I’m not sure if I’ll be doing many recipes any time soon.  Its all I can do to get something on the table for Jack three times a day.

We postponed our ultrasound to Friday just to be sure that we would see a heartbeat.  I’ll be 7 weeks 4 days then and we def. should see something by then.

We had a great weekend with the Illians.

I’ll try to post some pictures soon of Jack and his cousins at Van Saun Park.  They have a train, a little zoo, a carousel, a really cool playground and pony rides.  Its about 20 minutes from the Illians. Jack loved everything except  for the pony rides.  He screamed when we put him on them and we didn’t want to spook the pony so we let his cousin Emma ride instead.

Thanks for all of your support.  I’m glad I feel sick.  It lets me know that something is happening!


One response to “Sick and Sick-er

  1. Maybe it’s a girl…

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