Swine Flu? (not really but we have felt pretty terrible! with picture of Jack)

We’ve (Jack and  then me) have felt pretty sick the past week or so.  It started out with Jack wimpering and only wanting to be held Wednesday afternoon and culminated in my getting very sick Friday night.  We’ve both had fevers and some kind of sinus infection/ cough. I was pretty much able to do nothing but lay in bed and moan all weekend.  Today is the first day I’ve felt halfway normal.   I had chills and hot flashes– sweaty etc.. so it definitely felt fluish but I didn’t have any throwing up or anything.  Of course I hope that the baby is okay, but there is nothing I can do either way!  I did take Tylenol for my fever to help it stay below 101, which it did.

Here are some picture of Jack and Matt’s family in New Jersey at a cute little place called Van Saun Park.  They have  a train, a carousel, a zoo, and ponies to ride.  Jack liked everything but the ponies. He refused to get on them and so we gave his ride to cousin Emma.

Also note the wooden rocking horse of sorts that he is on.  Matt’s brother Luke made it for Christmas.  Jack LOVES it soo much!

We are grateful to be well around here and enjoying every minute of the glorious spring sunshine!


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