I started this blog to practice writing, to journal about the things I am passionate about. Including but not limited to

Faith– what it means to life now

Parenting– a 20month old cherub who thinks that naps are evil devices of torture is mostly sleeping better than ever!

Cooking –whatever comes from our farmshare, grass fed beef, or is easy and fast but not processed

Gluten Free –what it means to eat gluten free- the pitfalls and joys — I’m gf (gluten free) by choice because of unmentionable side effect from eating gluten. I haven’t been tested for celiac but I feel so much better not eating it that I’m not going back.

Reading –books about parenting said cherub and anything else interesting

Urban Living –in a beautiful but economically depressed area

Pregnancy– I want another one! And it seems like its harder than ever this time around!

Work– it is hard to have a little one and both work full time so I work part time– Actually I’m not working at all now.. except if you count cleaning, dusting, washing diapers, doing laundry, volunteering at our local elementary school, cooking delicious meals (mostly for me because I love good food)


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