About Me

Thirtysomething Urbanite in Church Hill, Richmond, VA. Mother to one son.  To another life that didn’t quite make it out of the womb (miscarriage at twelve weeks). Also to a cat who is mourning the loss of undivided attention after birth of our son. Living in an intentional community  in the East End.  Learning to love  God, others, including neighbors, friends, those in my community, myself.  Learning to listen to God and others.  Trying to get my baby to sleep. Trying to get pregnant again.


5 responses to “About Me

  1. Keri Illian Warren

    I know this is off the subject bout I am searching for relatives. I gogled the name Illian which is my maiden name. I am trying to create a family tree for my children but have limited information. Maybe your related to me here is the info that I currently have.
    Grnadfather- Charles R Illian
    Grandmother- Margaret Illian (Grove)
    Uncles-Edward Illian,Paul Illian, Charles A Illian
    My parents- Scott A Illian and Lucy-Lee Lowery
    G- grandparents Otto H Illian anf Marie(Morgan)
    their children-Ferdinand, Otto Jr.,Charles and Gloria.
    GG-grandparents Fredric Charles Illian and Katrina (novark) noone knows if these names are correct.
    their children-Charles, Otto,Paul and Emil.

  2. I was checking out your about me. Are you married?

  3. Just wanted to bring that to your attention.

  4. any more blogging?? let us know when baby #2 arrives!!

  5. Hello Catherine and Matthew Illian,

    An item of yours found at Byrd House Market this past Tuesday. Call 643-2717 to retrieve it from our receptionist.


    Ana Edwards
    Byrd House Market Manager

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